Hiking clothes

HIKING CLOTHES Hiking clothes share a lot of common purposes with normal everyday clothing. While clothing in general is supposed to keep you warm, dry, and protected, the purpose of hiking clothes is very similar, but with added protection against weather conditions, terrain conditions, and other situations you might encounter on your hike.However, this does … Read moreHiking clothes

Weekly outfit wish list

Christmas style for the family. Like most people, I find that around this time of year I really have to watch my budget. My bank account looks a little empty after purchasing our Christmas gifts and food. Yet this doesn’t stop me from wanting to wear something new and special for the season. This is … Read moreWeekly outfit wish list

Clothing Design and Tips

Clothing Design and Tips To keep you from resembling a kids fairground treat, we have created some tips on how to dress this tricky trend: 1) Toughen up. At home, it seems perfect to channel a 1960s housewife, in your shades, boxy coat and kitten heel shoes. But once you leave the house, into a … Read moreClothing Design and Tips