Clothing Design and Tips

Clothing Design and Tips

To keep you from resembling a kids fairground treat, we have created some tips on how to dress this tricky trend:

1) Toughen up.

At home, it seems perfect to channel a 1960s housewife, in your shades, boxy coat and kitten heel shoes. But once you leave the house, into a very modern street, you realise it’s not so cool. It looks far too ‘good girl’ for nowadays. By replacing your soft-as-sugar accessories for those with a tough look: a black leather jacket, spiked heels or a belt will add a much-desired touch of ‘bad’ to your oh-so-sweet.

2) Evade wearing head to toe accessories.

Louis Vuitton may have looked super cool. But, it’s worth thinking they are six foot one tall and rake thin. To avoid looking like an icing topped cake, mix fabrics and styles. A scalloped blouse with a pair of silk-based trousers. Or a pastel dress with basic leather courts goes wonderfully.

3) Colour mix with non-pastels.

A pastel yellow t-shirt with a dark skirt or a light green blazer with purple skinny jeans complements each other fabulously. Blending neon shades, such as a pink shoe with a pale lemon skirt or a hot turquoise clutch with a pistachio green dress, go equally well together.
Let us know the look you’re going for and we’ll help.