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On this site we offer clothing design services and provide tips and advice on fashion for clothes of all kinds, including wool, cotton and leather.

Going back to the Pyrenees around the 1300s and officially “trending” across the continent last year, espadrilles have definitely become a staple of summer wear. You don’t need to own a boat or live on a beach in Florida to show off these babies, and almost EVERYONE has caught on to this.

Along with chinos and deck flip flops (both of which I now wear), I was wary of these cotton canvas shoes. The most I knew of them a year or so ago was the make, Toms, which I highly recommend picking up a pair of, just because of their donations to charity.

But a few months later we had none other than the well known Karl Lagerfeld pick up the trend for Chanel’s products, with new versions in the summer collection. It’s not just famous designers who get in on it. Look up and down the high street, and these shoes are everywhere.

H&M and Primark have twee, cheap versions, and you can find some animal print types in Topshop. Lacoste have also released a new range for summer, each priced at a decent price. From on-trend pales to marine navy and white, these cute canvas-soled treats have been given a continental trendy-twist with one of my favourite accessories; bows.

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