Beautifully straight teeth

Stay in Fashion With Beautifully Straight Teeth


To straighten or move teeth your dentist may prescribe orthodontic treatment.

This will improve the appearance and function of your teeth and helps you look after the longer term health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints by spreading the biting pressure over all of your teeth.

An example is when the upper teeth stick out which can look unsightly and can result in the protruding teeth being damaged. Orthodontic treatment can move them back into line thereby reducing the strain and allowing you to bite more evenly.

Orthodontic treatment is best carried out in children but there are many new developments that mean that treatment is successful in adults too. Read here.

Your Dentist or Orthodontist will prescribe the most appropriate treatment for your particular case and these can treatments can include removable or fixed appliances or “invisible” braces. For invisible braces near the Chelmsford area, take a look here.

Invisalign Retainers

After your braces are removed, you may need to wear a retainer. View more information.

  • 30% stronger material than other clear thermoplastic materials tested*
  • Helps prevent relapse
  • Works for any patient—Invisalign, wires and brackets, or bonded lingual wires

Retainers need to be strong enough to maintain tooth position and get the most benefit from your braces. Retainers are more than 30% stronger than other leading clear retainers. Click here for retainer materials.

You may need to wear a retainer full-time, at nights only, or a few nights a week. You should have the confidence that your retainer is providing consistent working retention. In fact, other leading retainer materials may begin to deform after as little as two months of day time use.