School clothes range for kids with sensitive skin

Totally Cool Clothing MD Judy Micklethwait said the idea first came up a few years ago but it took a pep talk from her husband Michael last year to get her going.

Explaining how the enterprise came about, she said: “I am an eczema-mum with 14 years of experience in caring for a child with severe eczema.

“Over the years I have struggled to find quality clothing, especially school uniform, that did not aggravate our son’s condition.

“That is why my husband and I have created Totally Cool Clothing.”

Mrs Micklethwait, who has a background in the fashion industry and used to work for American Vogue in Paris, became increasingly frustrated with the lack of viable solutions for suffering children.

She said: “After years of being able to control our young son’s daily environment, we not only lost this control when he started school, but also noticed a dramatic deterioration caus- ed by his uniforms.

“Therapeutic undergarments helped, but they are delicate and require reconditioning.

“We also noticed that, as our son got older, he would dread gym class and declined a birthday sleepover because his friends would see his bandages under his pyjamas.”

They involved a paediatric dermatologist and experts in the UK textile industry and came up with “high quality fabric with the specially created BamSil® lining” and subsequently developed a range of discreetly and suitably lined clothing.

Mrs Micklethwait said: “We are passionate that complex health needs should not mean compromise on style and that people living with conditions that are potentially disfiguring need, more than most, to feel stylish and attractive in their clothing as well as looking similar to their peers.”

Mrs Micklethwait added: “The dermatologist said above all the clothing should be soft.

“We feel we have created something softer than cashmere, that is not only much cheaper, but has done wonders for self-esteem.”